Jumat, 14 November 2014

How to Change Facebook Profile Photo

Maybe some of you are already very familiar with facebook. There are many things that can be shared on Facebook, ranging from a collection of information to your photos.

Profile picture on facebook is the main thing on facebook. Others will recognize us by viewing our profile picture. But if we profile photo's it would make our friends bored.

Here's an easy way to change the look of facebook profile photo

1. Login first in your facebook account

2. After performing tebuka primary or facebook homepage, then click on "edit profile" in the left side. Or you can also click on your profile photo to enlarge it.

3. Then in the profile photo picture click "edit profile picture" and select where your photos will be taken. If you want to use the existing photos on facebook then select from koleksifoto. But if you want to use the photos stored on your computer or laptop, then choose the photo upload.

4. Then a new window will appear to choose where your photos are stored. Select a picture to show as profile photo. Click on the photo and then click Open.

5. Wait a few moments then finished. Image display your profile picture has changed.

That is the way to change the look of facebook profile pictures easily and quickly.

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